Why retreat with us?

Submerge yourself into a purpose built detox and wellness retreat in sunny central Portugal.
Learn deeper truths about wellness, food, exercise and vitality.
You will learn how to optimise your body, mind and energies for longevity, bliss and true Vibrant Health.
Experientially you will taste the day to day routine, specifically tailored to your needs by the founder of iCleanse, iRetreat & uHerbs.

Weekly & Monthly retreats take place from 1st April - 30 September yearly, with differing levels of intensity, depending on your goals and needs.

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What to expect at iRetreat

self developement

Our meticulously planned daily schedule, sets the path, for you to easily follow a proven method of Self Development towards Vibrant Health.
With the option to opt in and out from any of the daily activities and programme set out for you.

World-class Facilities

A purposely designed wellness retreat in the heart of sunny central Portugal.
Luxury Modern facilities, clean and comfortable accommodation - all with personal ensuite shower rooms.
Surrounded by a serene & untouched natural landscape.

Where the air is pure with a scent of Eucalyptus, soothing sounds of nature, with lush green rolling hills, appealing to all our senses at once.

multi-level programs

Weekly programs designed for all levels of detoxification, fitness, nutritional intake, & spiritual awareness.

Our experienced team, will suggest a plan of intensity suitable to your goals and needs.

We will monitor your progress daily and hourly, helping you each step of your journey.

tailored to your needs

Whether your focus is Health, Fitness, Emotional or Spiritual wellbeing, our methods will easily guide the way for you.

Specialists in digestive complaints and detoxification, whether your focus is Energy, Weight Loss, Bloating, Constipation, Skin complaints, Fertility, Stress, Depression, our methods have proven to help.

The methods we will explore together

Colon Hydrotherapy

We use the most advance, private, safe and comfortable method of Colon Hydrotherapy World Wide.
You can find the same equipment at our North London Clinic and Central Portugal Retreat centre.
Colon Hydrotherapy is the quickest and safest way to support our bodies to eliminate that which does not serve our highest good.

Juicing & Smoothies

Tantilise your taste buds, nourish your cells, detox your body and learn to prepare your very own Juice recipes, created by the founder of iCleanse & iRetreat.
A proponent of juicing daily since 2005 as part of a regular nourishment programme.

Not only will you taste, but with short demo classes, you will learn about different types of juicers and blenders, plus the power of certain ingredients when combined together for your wellbeing.


Our professional Massage therapist will be on hand to help you unwind, reduce muscle tension, improve circulation, support your lymphatic system to drain its waste, improve skin tone and so much more.

Plant Based diet

Our Plant Based Chef, will be busy in the kitchen preparing us some vibrant, healthy and delicious daily dishes.
You can expect a colourful lunchtime buffet of salads, dips and other finger food.
Evening meals will be freshly prepared based on worldly cuisines using locally sourced and grown Veggies & Spices wherever possible.
Our chef has put together dishes from countries such as; India, Thailand, Italy, Cyprus, Turkey, Morroco and Portugal.

food Intolerance Test

As part of your wellness Retreat package.
It is important for us both to be aware of any Food Intolerances / sensitivities you may have.
We will send you a Self Testing Kit or you can attend a Blood test at our Clinic before you set off to our retreat in Portugal.
This willl give us an understanding of foods or ingredients which we should avoid preparing for you, also for you to clearly identify and such foods to avoid in your diet.

Yoga Meditation at retreat Portugal
for all your wellbeing, connect with your inner self and nature
Yoga & Meditation

Our Yoga Instructor, will be supporting us in daily gentle exercises, helping us to connect our bodies and minds.
Preparing and supporting our bodies for longevity and ease.

By becoming one with ourselves, with others and the universe, we begin to experience the core of our very own divine energy.

Sauna, jacuzzi, massage, relaxation at iRetreat Portugal
sauna & Jacuzzi's

Our spacious Far Infrared Sauna, is available to use throughout your stay for that extra intense heat to further detox, relax and rejuvenate you from the inside out.

Our roof top is equipped with 3 Spa Jacuzzi's for your relaxation and pleasure, whilst sipping a freshly prepared Juice.

You will also find several sun loungers and cocoon swings for sun bathing or simply laying out in nature to take all you worries and anxieties away.

Natural mud baths at iRetreat Portugal, skin nourishment and cleansing
Natural excursions and sight seeing in Central Portugal with iRetreat Detox and Wellness purpose built retreat

We invite you to join us on our weekly adventures, exploring the natural landscapes, with breathtaking sites such as rivers, hills, lakes, windmills, mud baths, caves and more.

You can skip any of the excursions if you prefer solitude and a good book to read at the retreat.

WHat does all inclusive include at our retreat ?

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